Monday, October 5, 2009

Good morning all,

Prayer Help Ministry

When we look to God and the archangels and angels for help in our lives we are in a sense reaching out mentally and psychically to a universe that is transparent to us. It is a universe that so subtle ( and so powerful) in reality that our senses don't pick it up—like radio waves that we don't see. It seems that when we pray we are praying up into a heaven world that is above us, as if heaven is literally above us, stretching out into our atmosphere and beyond into space. In prayer help, many of us look up as we pray, our hands folded in our lap or held palms together, eyes open and looking heavenward. In reality the spirit world is all around us, full intersecting with us, fully surrounding and interpenetrating us. Put out your hand and you may touch an angel—if you're attuned to their levels of spirit energy. In praying or in prayerful meditation we often look up (in meditation even with eyes closed the eyes are focusing upward) because we are striving to lift ourselves into a higher level of consciousness, into a angel consciousness and beyond that to the spirit minds of the archangels, great spiritual teachers and God. In looking up, we are also looking in and up, or looking into our own heaven states that are within us, and we are awakening the spiritual areas of our minds. In prayer help, this can bring immediate comfort, a living peace, and open the channels of intuition the angels can work with us individually.

When you pray, with eyes open or closed, try feeling the spirit universe flowing through you and around you and the angel people right near you. This changes you, changes your body/mind chemistry into a spiritualized one, changes your sense of self into a modest and open one, changes your emotions into the powers of devotion and love.

in peace, blessings and love,
Rev. James

Friday, January 2, 2009

Prayer Help for starting 2009

Happy new year to all, and I pray for all of you that 2009 brings answers to your prayers, new opportunities for financial well being, fresh understanding and love in relationships, abundance enough for being generous with others less fortunate, insight into our human condition and world views. 

Prayer requests are going to be very important for all of us this new year, 2009. Requests for prayer help in every aspect of our lives will probably be greater this year than any other year in many decades. The whipsaw downturn in the economy, home valuation loss, loss of retirement savings, or college funds for our children, or whatever nest egg we were carefully nursing, has left many of us worried, angry, desperate, even depressed. Yet, these trials also bring us closer to God, to the angels who constantly seek to help us, and to all spiritual personages we turn to in hardship and loss times. 

These times when we are severely challenged in our every day lives and our future often become the times we become more pure in spirit, more concentrated in our prayer mindfulness, more attuned to God and the angels from moment to moment. 

For prayer requests to God or the archangels and angels (and our guardian angel) we seem to more quickly seriously adapt the early Christian teachings of being humble, meek, loving of everyone when we are stressed. We also, or should, turn to prayer as a natural expression of delight and gratitude when something of a good nature happens for us. It is a metaphysical and biological condition in our human brain that our sense of happiness and joy is tied to the surge of appreciation upwelling at times of deeper pleasure. Joy and thankfulness are intertwined in the neurochemistry of our mind and body response—and this really becomes one of the "many mansions" that the Bible refers to. If we could command that experience of deeper joy and its accompanying appreciation response at will, we would truly be more adjusted in life and closer to living a spiritualized life in full. 

Prayer requests in our darker times come so naturally to us, it is more than second nature. How often do we hear people think, whisper, or say, or cry out, "Oh, God?" It is probably among the most uttered entreaties among English-speakers every day—could be in the billions of times invoked each day. Oh, God is a prayer request, an invocation. We are invoking God to be aware with us of what we are going through and to help us in all ways. It is a prayer request invocation that is so simple, yet so effective. Calling upon God, or the angels, does help us in the mere fact that we are asking for help, or a superluminal presence that makes it feel like everything will be all right. In simple prayer requests (like Oh, God) we are assured and feel like our being has been turned from dark, corruptible iron to glittering incorruptible gold: from human to more divine. This prayer request imbues us with spirit force, and we are naturally a little more positive and hopeful. And being a little more positive and hopeful during today's catalog of crises is a very great thing. The power of positive thinking and hope is inestimable. It can lead to minor or major miracles for each of us. 

Traditionally, we conjure up our olden spirit of oath-taking and vows to make resolutions for ourselves. Usually, these take the form of our bodily health, but can include more intellectual or cultural pursuits we desire to braid into our upcoming year. Why not take a vow of making prayer and prayer meditation, or prayer appreciation a more cultivated part of our daily hours. Cultivate prayer. Cultivate prayerfulness  when there is great loss or the facing of all that is necessary to get a job, pay the mortgage, send the kids to college, put food on the table, pay an electric bill. Resolve to create a prayerful mind within yourself, positive and hopeful. Insight and strength always come the spiritual powers of optimism and hope.  

Sunday, December 7, 2008

First blog on a Sunday of meaning

This is my first post on this new blog, a joy and fulfillment of great measure for me. And hopefully, for thousands of others who may migrate into my prayer help site or this blog in times of need or with hearts of gratitude. And certainly, these are times of unparalleled need as all of us on this beautiful planet see our economic systems run into crippling rocks in hurricane seas of greed and ineptitude. While we watch and wait, there is a feeling in 2008 that we are in the dust bowl of the 1930's depression—with searing black and white photos of worn mothers sitting in bleak, shadowed surrender, nursing a tiny flame of hope. Many of us have lost our jobs, our homes, our retirement savings, our golden years pensions. I receive prayers every day for help to God, the angels and angelic beings from people facing the worrisome wounds of job loss or struggling to lay food on the table. They have been hit by dire circumstances, hardship, depression, the crying of their children, the fear of mail and voices on phones asking for money. Compassion should overwhelm us in these times. What is compassion? A passion for com-pleteness. Each of us completes the other, as if we are all part of universal spiritual hologram (break a hologram into a million pieces and each piece will still generate the entire holographic image). When others suffer, we suffer in equal measure. Sometimes we may deny this or not be wakefully conscious of it, but at an unconscious level we suffer whenever another suffers. Our compassion sparks a fire of passion that helps us help others. And we feel more complete. More soulful—the ultimate completeness. 

Today is Sunday, the 7th of December. I spent much time this morning in contemplative prayer—a praying state that has no thought, but is just in pure spirit, along the lines of Plotinus or Meister Ekhart. This is also the day that Japan attacked the U.S. naval facilities at Pearl Harbor near Honolulu, Hawaii. It was a day of wounding, death, courage, sacrifice and a power of prayer that is rarely seen or felt. Prayers from wounded or dying service people (and those helping them) reached a super-amplification as all their human and spiritual forces coalesced into thousands of lasers of prayer. Like thousands of laser blue lights of prayer piercing into the smokey skies over Pearl. 

I spent many years at a monastic center in Hawaii. On the monastery property there was a cave dug into the red clayish, earth of a pali (Hawaiian for cliff) going down to a large natural pool on a river. The cave was intimately small. You had to bend to get in, could not stand up, and it went only six feet into the cliffside. It smelled of clay, ferns and Hawaiian humidity. On the left side of the cave as you went in, there was carved into the hard surface an inscription: December 7, 1941. It has been there since that fateful day, very neatly scribed and very remindful of the dual nature of this cave. It was a bomb shelter. For us, it was a communion with God shelter. I spent many days in that cave, meditating and perfecting the power of prayer and a psychic awareness of angels. Eventually, using a small shovel and buckets I deepened and enlarged the cave, and put in a shelf for holding scriptures, incense and an oil lamp. I spent uncounted hours at night there. It wasn't a preternaturally quiet cave (as some caves are), but it had a special connection to the angel and trans-angel realms. It was a place of praying and meditating aloneness that was surrounded in the psychic heaven by tiers and tiers of angelic beings.